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Zinnias in Bloom

This summer has been such a whirlwind that I haven't spent nearly as much time caring for my garden as I should.  It's rare that I'm home to catch the late afternoon light streaming through and illuminating the beautiful flowers in blooms.  But on this particular evening, I had a few minutes to spare and spent it outside with the zinnias.

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Late Winter Walk at Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach

Red Wing Park is a hidden gem in Virginia Beach.  Known for it's Japanese Garden and beautiful lines of flowering cherry trees, spring is a favorite time to visit.  But the rest of the year, Red Wing is just as beautiful, if a little more timid about it.  A couple of my dear photography friends and I spent a dreary late winter day exploring the trails in search of something beautiful.  It's amazing how much can be missed at first glance as we're just passing by.  Once you take a moment to slow down and really notice things around you, you will find a world full of treasures.

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