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Zinnias in Bloom

This summer has been such a whirlwind that I haven't spent nearly as much time caring for my garden as I should.  It's rare that I'm home to catch the late afternoon light streaming through and illuminating the beautiful flowers in blooms.  But on this particular evening, I had a few minutes to spare and spent it outside with the zinnias.

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Late Winter Walk at Red Wing Park in Virginia Beach

Red Wing Park is a hidden gem in Virginia Beach.  Known for it's Japanese Garden and beautiful lines of flowering cherry trees, spring is a favorite time to visit.  But the rest of the year, Red Wing is just as beautiful, if a little more timid about it.  A couple of my dear photography friends and I spent a dreary late winter day exploring the trails in search of something beautiful.  It's amazing how much can be missed at first glance as we're just passing by.  Once you take a moment to slow down and really notice things around you, you will find a world full of treasures.

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Seeing Beyond the Whole Picture

One evening as I sat at my desk, I could see the sky turning a beautiful shade of pink.  It was much too late to get somewhere photo worthy to watch this incredible sunset.  In my mind, I wished to live somewhere that made creating photographs easier, somewhere with a beautiful view unobstructed by houses and cars and awkward 15 year old teenager trees.  I glanced over at my camera sitting on my shelf and noticed it was fitted with my new 100-400 mm lens.  I grabbed the camera, zoomed all the way in to 400 mm and focused just on the gangly arms of that teenager tree.  Sometimes we're so caught up in looking at the big picture that we fail to realize all of the smaller pictures that live inside of it.

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