18 Favorite Things from 2018

As we kick off 2019 and plan for the new year, it's often fun to look back on our favorites from the year before.  While I will be sharing my favorite photographs, I thought I would also share a few of my favorite tools that made 2018 even more special for me.

  1. Sony a7rIII - I had the unbelievable fortune to win this camera at Sony Kando. With it's incredible detail and 42 megapixels, it has become my go-to choice for any shoot. Over 1/4 of the images that I took in 2018 were created with the a7rIII and I only had the camera for half the year!

  2. Breakthrough Filters - These filters simply have blown me away! After frustration with the Lee filter system and how much stuff there is to carry, I scooped up the Breakthrough 10 stop ND and CPL before a trip this summer. I am thrilled with their quality, ease of use, and incredible image outcome. I'll be adding a few more stops to my kit in 2019.

  3. Sony Kando - I've gushed and gushed about the Sony Kando trip, so I'm sure you're getting sick of hearing it. But the details are starting to be released for the 2019 trip and I'm hoping to make it a repeat event!

  4. Wandrd Prvke Backpack - The newest addition to my camera bag arsenal is this awesome bag. Rugged, unique, well designed, and lightweight, this back is really just fun to carry. For me, it's intended for one camera body and a lens or two, not a whole kit of gear. I love that it's funky look compliments my sporty style.

  5. Mindshift Gear Backlight - A beast of a backpack able to carry anything I need, this bag has seen a lot of travel miles in 2018. My favorite part is the thick padded waist belt which helps keep the loaded lighter when I'm carrying more than I could ever need.

  6. Fantasea Underwater Housing + Dome Port with the Sony a6500 + 10-18 mm Lens - Okay, okay, that's 4 things, but really, it's the combo that made it my favorite toy of 2018! After years of playing with housing for my Sony rx100, a snorkeling trip prompted me to upgrade and I'm so glad that I did. I captured thousands of images in the water this year and I was like a kid at Christmas swimming around with this baby!

  7. Expert Shield Glass Screen Protectors - I have one of these on every single piece of gear that I own. My cameras, iPad, and iPhone are all protected. And I can be klutzy in peace knowing that when I drop my phone, the screen protector may shatter, but the screen will be intact AND that Expert Shield will replace that protector for the life of the device!

  8. Lensbaby Velvet 56 - The Velvet replaced my macro lens this year. It creates velvety, glowy images with a bright 1.69 aperture and is easy to use with Sony's focus peaking system.

  9. Sony 100-400 G Master Lens - I really can't say enough about this lens. It has become the favorite in my bag for shooting sunrises and sunsets and created some of my favorite images of the year. I love it so much, that I sold my 70-200 this fall.

  10. Dell XPS Laptop - This baby is beautiful. Light, tiny, and crystal clear, the Dell XPS kept me editing during this crazy year of travel. While I am huge fan of my desktop, the XPS provides the perfect on the go option for keeping me from falling behind.

  11. Peak Design Leash - After years of loving the Peak Design Slide and Slide Lite, I added the Leash to my arsenal to carry the Sony a6500 and Sony rx100. It's stylish, lightweight, and comfortable.

  12. Sandisk Extreme Pro 128 GB - With all my travels this year and the addition of a 42 mp camera, I needed a powerful, reliable memory card with enough space for our adventures. The Sandisk is always been a favorite!

  13. iPhone X - This year's adventures would have been much less documented without the iPhone X. I've never been much of a mobile photographer, but the X has allowed me to keep in touch with family and friends as well as keep up to date on Instagram Stories.

  14. PhotoPills - This powerful app serves as every photographer's personal assistant. It's planner helps you understand where the sun will fall during your scheduled shoots, the Milky Way map helps you easily plan for astrophotography, and the Augmented Reality helps you visual the path that the sun, moon, and stars will travel through your scene. I'll confess, I don't even fully understand all the features of this app, but it is invaluable!

  15. Later - Another invaluable tool in my toolbox, Later helps me stay on track of Instagram posts. Whether I'm traveling or just want to get ahead, I am able to schedule posts with captions, tags, locations, and links to purchase. Through the desktop page, I can easily reply to comments without having to type on my tiny phone screen. After Lightroom, Later is probably the tool I use most.

  16. Sorel Slimpack Riding Boots - These boots keep my feet warm and dry during my photo outings and also offer some style to my wardrobe,

  17. Hydroflask Water Bottle - I could easily be described as a wateraholic and you'll never find me without a Hydroflask in my bag.

  18. Kindle Paperwhite - My Kindle is another item that's always in my bag. Filled with photography books, books on human behavior, and the latest fiction, I always have topics to discuss with clients and friends!

Are you anxious to check out anything on the list?  Let me know in the comments below!