Adventure in the Alps 2016 Part 6: Old World Aosta

Martigny, Switzerland

Martigny, Switzerland

Our last stop in Switzerland was a quick "layover" in Martigny, Switzerland.  We found a grocery store and filled our basket with picnic items and had a quiet night in our hotel room.  We didn't get to see much of the little town, but I made sure we found the cute little castle before hopping on the bus to Aosta, Italy.


After a day full of bus travel, we made it to Aosta in time to sightsee a bit.  Aosta is an incredibly old city with a rich history that we unfortunately didn't have time to explore.  But we appreciated the beautiful buildings and structures, admiring their detailed architecture and styling.


We found a perfect little Italian restaurant and filled up on delicious bread, olive oil, wine, and pasta.  I wish I could remember what we ate for dinner, but I'm sure it was heavenly.  After dinner, we strolled the streets slowly back to our hotel to catch an early bus to Gran Paradiso National Park the next morning.