Favorite 16 of 2016... better late than never!

virginia beach fine art photographer, landscape, nature, travel photography "What is your favorite photograph you've ever taken?" is one of the most common questions I am asked, normally preceded by "What kind of camera do you use?"  The first question is simple but the second question stumps me every time!  Asking a photographer to choose her favorite photograph is like asking a mother to choose her favorite child.  It's virtually impossible to do.  Thankfully, an emerging trend in the photography industry is to narrow down your favorite images to the number that ends the year.  My challenge wasn't to choose my favorite photograph, but my favorite 16 photographs from 2016.  That had to be easier, right?!  Wrong!  But, after much thought, I've chosen this collection as my favorite photographs from 2016.  The grid showcases many of the amazing trips that I took, my 2016 "In the Water" project, my continuing love for long exposures, rays of lights, and simple pleasures.

Photographically speaking, 2016 was a year all about growth for me.  My portrait business grew tremendously and I had the pleasure of photographing 48 families, couples, and seniors.  I had the incredible opportunity to teach at Click and Company's Click Away.  I climbed mountains that I had only imagined in my dreams, both literally and figuratively.  I as able to meet more of my incredible photography friends in real life, strengthening the community that I value so much.  Most importantly, though, I grew to love my photography for reasons that belong solely to me.  I stopped listening for my voice and trying to define my style and I simply created images the way that I wanted.  I became more happy, more comfortable, and more focused in my photography when I let go of the constraints of expectations.  2016 exceeded every expectation I had and fulfilled many goals and dreams that I didn't know I had when the year began in January.

2017 is a blank slate, full of possibility.  I can't wait to fill the canvas that lies ahead.