Helios Imperfection

helios, garden, virginia beach It's a dirty old lens.  Heavy for it's size, manual focus, and flawed.  Wide open it creates a crazy ghosting, a white flash over your image.  But, if you can find it's sweet spot, you can have some fun.  The bokeh is amazingly circular, the flare is magical.

helios, garden, virginia beach

I took the Helios into the backyard for a few moments on quiet in the late afternoon light.  The sun was just getting ready to fall behind the high trees in the wetlands behind our home.  I had just a few moments left.

helios, garden, virginia beach

The color produced by the Helios never ceases to amaze me.  It's warm and rich yet also muted and subtle.

helios, garden, virginia beach

I've chosen to ignore the specs of dust, I've embraced the spectacular flaws.  Why should I expect perfection out of a lens when I allow myself the forgiveness of imperfection?


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