Somewhere in Wine Country | Virginia Landscape Photographer

virginia wine country, landscape photography A few weeks ago, we snuck away to Charlottesville for our annual open water swim.  It was our fourth time participating in the swim and we lucked out with another beautiful day at Chris Green Lake.  I'll be honest, as much as I enjoy the swim, I really love the "date day" that we make of the entire event.  We hadn't been to the Virginia wineries in a few years, so we mapped out a few within a reasonable distance of Charlottesville and set off for tasting.  While my favorite was still the incredible views at Blenheim, it was this view that compelled me to shout "stop!" as I pulled out my camera.  It was the most idyllic scene.  I had recently finished a book about pastoral farming and had been feeling a pretty unrealistic pull towards buying a farm house and a huge piece of land and this was the exact picture that I had been holding in my mind.  And while we're certainly not trading our surfboards in for pitch forks any time soon, I'm pretty happy to have this picture perfect visual to remember that dream by.