Stolen Moments of Sunlight

Magic can be found in stolen moments. - Francesca Lia Block


Sunlight is sparse in winter.  It hides for days, leaving the world cold and grey, making us tired and sad.  And then one day it just comes out again.  We feel warm, happy, invigorated.  It's in those days that I'm drawn to the windows.  I'll pick up my camera and spent way too much time just shooting the light.  It's not even shooting what the light is shaping.  I just love shooting the light itself.  There is magic in these moments.  A tiny fraction of time collected in an image.  I feel light in that moment.  I feel warm, and happy, and full of life.  It's those moments that get me through the days when it's dark, when the light is flat and has no shape and the world feels cold.


Even though I tend to see the world in color, I love how high contrast black and white processing emphasizes light and shadow.  There is a mystery in shadow.  A story left untold.  It's up to you to fill in the blanks.  On the days when there is no light around you, when you feel sad, cold and grey, borrow my tiny moments of sunlight.  Use them to make you feel warm, happy, and invigorated.