An Incredible Sunset in Frisco North Carolina

sunset, kitesurf, kiteboard, frisco, hatteras island, photography, outer banks

A few weeks ago, I talked about waiting for the sunset conditions to be perfect in Frisco.  I had marked my calendar and planned to watch the sunset at this spot for weeks.  It turned out that I was actually able to schedule a portrait session in Frisco for this very evening, so the timing was perfect.  The wind created a little concern for the portraits, but the family made the most of it.  Because, in the background of their session... magic was happening.  Kites were flying, women were walking, and the sky was the most amazing color of orange.  The sea mist blowing off the water in the high winds only contributed to the beautiful haze on the beach.

sunset, frisco, hatteras island, photography, outer banks

The sun grew larger with each inch it dipped towards the horizon, eventually settling down and tucking itself into bed.  It will be a while before conditions line up perfectly for this display of beauty.  But, you can be my calendar will be marked to be on the lookout.