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On the Beach in Frisco | Outer Banks Photography

Some days the colors on the beach are just out of a painting.  In the summer, washed out skies are the norm, caused by high humidity and temperatures.  But this beach day in Frisco was perfection.  The sky was the perfect color blue, the dune grasses were illuminated with the mid day sun, and the sand was perfectly sandy.  If I didn't know better, I'd have thought it was all created with a paintbrush.

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An Deceivingly Windy Beach Day | Outer Banks Landscape Photography

It was one of those days that looked like the perfect beach day.  A brilliant blue sky, just enough clouds to offer a little reprieve from the sun, and the perfect temperature for mid-July.  But one step out from behind the dunes revealed strong gusting winds, blasting sand, and a beach covered in texture.  I hid behind a dune just long enough to snap a few photographs and then ran back to the shelter of the neighborhood streets.

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