The Golden Gate Bridge | Northern Cali Part 7

For years, I've wanted to shoot the Golden Gate Bridge.  Watching scenes in movies, seeing images online, the Bridge held an awe inspiring quality that made me long for that one perfect image.  But, as any photographer knows, you don't show up at a spot and create a perfect image.  You can visit the same spot 10 times and never get the image that you imagined.  In 4 attempts at photographing the Bridge, I ended up two images that I was pleased with, neither being what I imaged. This image was shot at sunset from Baker Beach.  The wind was howling and we were absolutely freezing.  I wouldn't have been surprised if flurries had fallen.  Kidding.... kind of.

golden gate bridge photography

This image was taken on our way to the airport.  We returned from breakfast to look out of our hotel window and see that the fog had lifted over the bridge.  We packed up quickly, jumping in a cab with all of our luggage.  The cab dropped us off at Chrissy Field and Forrest waited in the parking lot with our bags as I walked out in hopes of getting a shot worth the additional effort we were making.  And while it still wasn't a magical sunrise or sunset image with glowing colors or light, it still showed the Bridge as it actually stands.  Hey, real is better than perfect, right?

golden gate bridge photography

And for my photographer friends who feel frustrated when the miss the image they wanted, know that you are not alone.  It's hard.  It takes persistence, patience, perseverance.  The perfect image isn't just simply created.  Here are a few of my other shots of the Bridge during my attempts on our short visit.

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