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Fourth of July Fireworks in Avon | Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Watching fireworks always takes me back to childhood.  When I was a little girl, we spent holiday weekends at my grandparents river house, building bonfires, chasing fireflies, and setting off our own fireworks display.  It was a time filled with giggles, scrapped knees, and the family all gathered together.  Fireworks still bring those memories to the top of my mind and the pleasure of watching them explode makes me feel just like a kid again.

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Lantern Asia at Norfolk Botanical Gardens

This spring, Norfolk Botanical Gardens brought back the beautiful display of art known as Lantern Asia.  While the display is lovely in the daylight, I much prefer walking through at night.  The exhibit was inspired by traditional lanterns displayed in Asian culture, each piece of art is something truly beautiful.  The lanterns vary in size from just a few feet tall single pieces to massive displays of eco-systems.  The exhibits range in theme from traditional Asian mythology to things inspired by Norfolk Botanical Gardens and Coastal Virginia.

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A Quick Stop at Bergey's Breadbasket

Bergey's Breadbasket is rich in local history.  Located around the corner from me in Chesapeake, VA, Bergey's began providing the area with meats and milk in the early 1900s.  When the dairy operation was sold in the early 2000s, the family reinvented themselves as a bakery, cafe, and small family farm.  They offer a petting zoo fresh cut flowers, a small store, and some incredible treats from their kitchen.  After a photography walk recently, some friends and I enjoyed fresh cups of soup and a walk around the farm.

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