March... A Collection of Favorites

Things have been a little quiet around here the last couple of weeks.  Life got busy, my to do list was long, and my family came first.  I put work on the back burner and took a little break from picking up the camera.  As I was catching up on my processing, I was shocked to find so many favorites from the month, despite my little hiatus.  So, while I didn't shoot every day, I did manage to create some images that I'm very pleased with. The Jordan Bridge, as seen from the passenger seat.

black and white james river bridge

[exif id="5341"]

Sandbridge shoreline from Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach.

sandbridge shoreline coast from back bay national wildlife refuge in virginia beach

[exif id="5342"]

Dinner prep in black and white.

black and white dinner plate napkin forms

[exif id="5343"]

A sailboat sits against a sun setting over the Elizabeth River in front of the Portsmouth Naval Hospital.

sailboat in front of portsmouth naval hospital on the elizabeth river at sunset

[exif id="5344"]

A bonsai tree silhouetted against the setting sun.

black and white bonsai tree in sunlight

[exif id="5345"]

Peach tulip macro.

orange peach tulip macro photograph

[exif id="5346"]

Antique spoons and blueberries.

old antique spoons and blueberries in a fine art composition

[exif id="5347"]

Macro of a yellow and white flower at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

macro photograph of white and yellow flower at norfolk botanical gardens

[exif id="5348"]

Japanese Maple macro.

macro photograph of a japanese maple at norfolk botanical gardens

[exif id="5349"]

Lantern Asia at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

lantern asia at the norfolk botanical gardens

[exif id="5350"]

The first Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly of the spring on a flowering Dogwood tree.

tiger swallowtail butterfly on a blooming dogwood tree

Lensbaby Edge 50 | [exif id="5351"]

The Pamlico Sound at sunset from Canadian Hole.

black and white photography of pilings in water at the pamlico sound in hatteras island

Lensbaby Edge 50 | [exif id="5352"]