“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
— Edgar Degas
2018.10.18 Clouds at Sunrise in Avon © Jennifer Carr Photography.jpg

Discovered Beauty

Discovered Beauty is an online photography workshop designed to teach you to seek out and use details to add depth, emotion, and creativity to your images.

This workshop is designed for photographers wanting to deepen the connection with their images by learning to see more and show more in their photographs. During this workshop, you will learn to seek out and photograph the often overlooked details that make up a successful photograph. You will learn that a photograph isn’t limited to a picture of sunrise at the beach, but also the tiny shells that make up the sand along the shoreline. You will learn to use those details to enhance your images, adding depth, creativity, and emotion to your photographs.

Exercises will include:

Learning to recognize the details and beauty in everyday settings and create photographs using those details to add depth, emotion, and creativity to your images.

Learning to create the best images possible by absorbing yourself in the beautiful simplicity of your environment and learning to understand behavior, nature, weather, and light.

Understanding what gear is necessary, what gear is beneficial, and what would be fun to use.

Learning what to look for when envisioning photographs including light, mood, atmosphere, weather, plants, trails, shores, home life, human subjects, etc.

Learning to view everyday locations differently and also to research new locations to better prepare yourself to visit them.